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Now, Even Insurance<br> Is <strong>Uncomplicated.</strong>

Now, Even Insurance
Is Uncomplicated.

We’re a new approach to the old health insurance options.

At Health Tradition, our focus is on providing long term quality care at a lower cost. We’re a people first organization, driven by our strong commitment to meeting the needs of our members. We offer more digital care options, have friendly (real!) people answering our phones and care about providing a higher level of health to our members.

Let us be your next-door health insurer and feel the difference of a more personable health insurance experience.

Large Group Plans

Is Health Tradition the Plan for You?

We think it could be! If you’re a Wisconsin-based employer with more than 50 employees, a large group plan is a great fit. Ask your broker about Health Tradition. 

Large Group Plan Information 

<strong>Large Group</strong> Plans

Small Group Plans

Hi-ya Wisconsinites

We are thankful for local small businesses and have small group plans to support your employees! These options are available if your business employs an average of not less than 2 or more than 50 employees on business days during the preceding calendar year.

Small Group Plans Information

<strong>Small Group</strong> Plans

65Plus Plans

Celebrating Seniors

Seniors contribute to the success of Wisconsin every day! Learn how Health Tradition 65Plus, a Medicare Select supplement plan that works with your existing Medicare benefit, can help with additional coverage.

65Plus Plan Information

<strong>65Plus</strong> Plans