MADISON, WI – The WEA Trust Board today announced Vaughn Vance as the new Executive Director of the WEA Trust and President and CEO of WEA Insurance Corporation, Health Tradition Health Plan, Inc., and NeuGen, LLC. The announcement came as part of a planned transition.
Mr. Vance is currently Vice President and General Counsel. He joined the WEA Trust in 2005 as an External Affairs Specialist and has since served in several executive leadership roles.
“The WEA Trust was created over 50 years ago to provide quality health insurance and to deliver value to our members. Today, the WEA Trust, WEA Insurance Corporation, Health Tradition Health Plan Inc., and NeuGen, LLC all share that same commitment. I am honored to lead this organization as we look forward.  One of our top priorities as an organization will continue to be expanding our innovative plan offerings and growing our enrollment,” Vance stated.  “But our core values to our members, customers, and employees will not change,” continued Vance.
“In his numerous roles with the organization over nearly two decades, Vaughn Vance has always made our members his number one priority,” said Mary Theisen, Chair of the Board of Trustees.  “On behalf of the entire Board of Trustees, we are very excited that Vaughn has agreed to lead us into the next chapter of our story,” continued Theisen.
Vance concluded by stating, “Our members will continue to see our commitment to innovation, superior customer service, and high-quality products and services for those we serve.”


In 1970, the not-for-profit WEA Trust was founded by the Wisconsin Education Association Council. Over time the organization has expanded to include the WEA Insurance Corporation, Health Tradition Health Plan, Inc. and NeuGen, LLC.  Together these companies provide a diverse choice of PPO and HMO group health plans throughout Wisconsin.