How to enroll

Health Tradition individual and family plans will not be offered in 2018

You may find a replacement plan on beginning November 1, 2017, or ask a Health Tradition agent in your community to recommend other plans with Mayo Clinic care. Group plans are also available for small businesses with 2–50 employees.

Get one-on-one help from an insurance agent

Most people aren’t experts on how to enroll in a health plan. Insurance agents who represent Health Tradition are located in many Wisconsin communities. They will give you knowledgeable advice about how to enroll… choosing a plan and helping you apply for cost reduction if you qualify. Your plan options and costs are the same whether you purchase on your own or get help from an agent.

Enroll directly with Health Tradition

Our direct enrollment website has helpful tools that compare plans and prices. You can complete your enrollment in minutes, or save the application to finish later. If you qualify for cost reduction through, you will see an alert.

Call Health Tradition

You don’t have to wonder how to enroll in a health plan. No matter what you need—help choosing a health plan, or answers to a couple questions—you are welcome to call us or use our online request form. We’ll get in touch with you promptly. The Health Tradition office in Onalaska is open Monday–Friday, 8 am–4:30 pm.

Enroll at

This option will lead you through the enrollment process at the “Marketplace.” It allows you to apply for cost reduction as part of the enrollment. Once you provide your personal information, the website presents plan choices that include Health Tradition. If you encounter difficulty enrolling through, a Health Tradition agent can help you complete your application.

  • Get familiar with Health Tradition plans here first, so you know which plan to look for when you arrive at
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