Behavioral Health Resources

Health Tradition’s number one priority is helping you stay healthy. We understand that especially during these challenging times, it is important to prioritize mental health and wellbeing. We encourage all members to take care of their mental health and learn about Health Tradition recommended behavioral health resources. Keep reading for our recommendations on behavioral health apps as well as other useful resources.






Rating (Out of 5)

Virtual Hope Box

Overall Mental Wellness and coping All ages This app offers simple tools for coping, relaxation, distraction and positive thinking.  It can be personalized to what is important to you, allowing you to add family photos, memories, or journal thoughts.  This also can be shared with therapists. Free App Store: 4.0 rating

HT Rating: Rated 4 stars by our staff

Mindshift App

Anxiety All ages Reduce worry, stress and anxiety by using various strategies such as journaling, self-challenges to deal with fears, mindfulness techniques, goal setting and tracking.  Offers a “Get Help Now” button which directs you to tools you can use to ease panic and anxiety. Offers teaching and education.  Can be shared with a family, friends or your therapist. Free App Store: 4.4 rating

HT Rating: Rated 4 stars by our staff


Mood Tools

Depression Ages 12 and up Offers depression assessments, tools to understand and redirect thoughts to healthy choices such as meditation, TED talks and soothing sounds.  You can also journal your thoughts. This app allows you to build a safety plan.

The app includes educational pieces about depression and how your brain works.


Free App with the ability to upgrade for 4.99/month or 29.99/year for password protection, cloud sync and export abilities.


App Store: 4.8 rating

HT Rating: Rated 4 stars by our staff


Recovery Record

Eating Disorders Ages 12 and up Keep a record of meals with meal plans, logging and pictures. Record thoughts and feelings. Learn coping strategies and set goals.  Obtain affirmations and motivation. Ability to share information with your therapist


Free App Store: 4.9 rating

HT Rating: Rated 4 stars by our staff


Brighter Bite

Eating Disorder Recovery Ages 12 and up Acceptance and commitment therapy and dialectical behavior therapy techniques.

Offers a coping chat with therapeutic techniques to deal with stress, track meals and behaviors, journal thoughts and mood, helps you determine root cause of thoughts and offers redirection to healthy choices.


Free with ability to upgrade $4.99/month for password protection App Store: 4.7 rating


HT Rating: Rated 5 stars by our staff



OCD and Anxiety All Ages Cognitive behavior therapy techniques, backed by the International OCD Foundation allowing you to increase awareness of unhelpful thinking habits, identify and challenge those thoughts, increase access to helpful thinking, reduce anxiety and make positive affirmations. More than 40 different levels of topics to engage in positive self-reflection, offers self-tests.  Can be shared with your therapists.


Free for 15 levels, can upgrade to all 40 levels for $11.99/month or $59.99/year


App Store: 4.6 rating

HT Rating: Rated 4 stars by our staff


I Am Sober

Alcoholic and Other Drug Abuse Ages 12 and up This app offers a sober tracker, pledges/challenges and logging, provides affirmations, and helps to identify your triggers. This app helps you determine the uncomfortable feelings of being sober, changes in sleep patterns, relationships and connect you with others who have similar stories. The app provides the option to share your story with others in the community of app users or just keep it for yourself.  You can also track your milestones.


Free with the ability to Sober Plus $4.99/month for password protections


App Store: 4.9 rating

HT Rating: Rated 4 stars by our staff


24 Hours A Day

Alcoholism All Ages Daily meditations for recovery used by members of AA.  Offers thoughts, prayers and meditation to those people working through alcoholism. Free App Store: 4.9 rating


HT Rating: Rated 3 stars by our staff



Additional Resources for Behavioral Health

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