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Resources for agents

Quick access to the information agents need

This website has valuable information for our clients. Those resources of special interest to agents may include:

Claims and Billing

Convenient, personal service

Health Tradition makes filing claims and billing quick and convenient for your employees. Employees can:

  • Call our Customer Service team
  • Refer to the back of their ID card for our filing address as a quick reference

Claims information and forms online

Your employees can get the following information:

  • Request a membership ID card using our online request form.
  • Find a physician on the Find-a-Doctor online provider directory.
  • Find a nearby pharmacy and determine pharmacy benefits securely through the MedImpact online portal.
  • Request information on claim and deductible status and Explanation of Benefits (EOB) on the Maddy Portal Transition page.

Employees can print a variety of forms Health Tradition needs to process your claims. If you do not have the required forms, simply login to see the list of forms available. Some of the most comment forms needed are:

  • Accident (or Injury) Form
  • Pre-Existing Condition Form
  • Dependent Verification Form
  • Request For Medicare Coverage Form
  • Prescription Drug Reimbursement Form
  • Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) Claim Form

If you or your employees are unable to determine which forms are needed, contact customer service at the numbers listed above. Our friendly and helpful staff will assist you in selecting the correct form to complete the claim detail.

Note: The materials on this site should be used to supplement, not replace, your employees’ Certificates of Coverage, Member Handbooks and Summary of Benefits information.

Manuals and Forms

Enrollment forms

Complete the enrollment forms below on your computer before you print. Simply download the pdf, and type in the appropriate information. Then print the completed form, sign and mail to the address indicated on the form.

Member Enrollment Form This form is used to add new members to an HMO or POS group policy.

Member Change Form This form is used to make changes to an existing member’s coverage, to add or remove dependents, to change demographic information and to cancel coverage.

HT Medical Questionnaire This form is used for employers interested in a large group quote.

Referral and Prior Authorization requests

When referred for services with a provider who is not within Health Tradition Heath Plan’s network, prior authorization from Health Tradition Health Plan may be required. Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota is considered an out-of-network provider. Additionally, some services require prior authorization even if obtained from an in-network provider. Health Tradition Health Plan members are encouraged to contact Customer Service with questions pertaining to referral or prior authorization.



Please refer to our Premiums & Invoicing page for more information.


Please refer to our Prescription Drugs page for information.