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Employer Group Plans

A Plan for You and Your Employees

Health Tradition offers the expertise needed to streamline health plans and control costs for employers, as well as provide local, knowledgeable customer service for employees.

From plan design to wellness programs and enhanced care solutions to aggregate reporting, employers can provide employees with a plan that values preventive care and provides access to local health systems and providers.

Health Plan Management

Health Tradition’s medical and pharmacy plan management services include:

  • Plan design. Health Tradition sales representatives will work with employers to develop a healthcare plan to meet the organization’s unique needs.

  • Medical management. Using a sophisticated reporting system, we analyze data to track outcomes and identify health education and prevention strategies for employees.

  • Reporting. Employers may receive in-depth reports to assist in tracking and projecting the healthcare expenses of their employees.

  • Network management. Health Tradition works with employers to develop a provider network that matches the organization’s needs.

  • Pharmacy benefits management (PBM) program. Health Tradition has contracted with MedImpact to provide employers and their employees with a national network of pharmacies.


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