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Health Tradition CarePlus

Simplified, Easier Health Insurance

Health Tradition CarePlus is an entirely new health insurance model that guides members to the highest quality care at the best available value. It is a referral-based model that gives Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) the ability to offer more complete and personalized care, while also ensuring that patients are involved in their own care. Best of all, it is a copay-only plan, which means no deductibles.

A simplified, easier health insurance plan!


Benefits of Health Tradition CarePlus

  • Copay-only, no deductible plan. A simple pay structure, making health insurance easier to understand.
  • PCPs offer more complete care, guiding and overseeing member health.
  • A digital, single access point allows for personalized CarePaths to target healthcare recommendations for members.

Key Health Tradition CarePlus Components

  • CarePlus uses the Health Tradition East Network
  • Similar certificate of coverage to the Health Tradition Standard HMO
  • Can be paired with a standard POS product for out-of-area employees

Is the CarePlus Plan Right for Your Group?

The Health Tradition CarePlus plan is ideal for employers who want to approach healthcare differently and are committed to ensuring high employee engagement and quality care. Interested in having a conversation about whether Health Tradition CarePlus is right for you?  Contact one of our Sales Account Executives today.