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In-Network and Out-of-Network Providers

Our online provider search tools make it easy and convenient to find a doctor whether you're in your network area or need out-of-area emergency care.

Please ensure you're using the correct search tool to avoid potential out-of-network costs and non-covered services. You are strongly encouraged to contact our Customer Service team to verify the network status of providers involved in your care when scheduling appointments or elective procedures to determine whether each provider is a participating or non-participating provider.


In-Network Provider Search

If you are located within the Health Tradition service area, use our Online Provider Directory tool, called Find-a-Doctor, to search for an in-network provider.

Out-of-Area Provider Search

If you are outside of your HMO service area with a medical emergency or are an employee of Venture Machine & Tool, Inc. please use our Out-of-Area Providers search tool.


Are PDF versions of the provider directories available?

Provider Network Directory PDFs

For the most up-to-date provider information use our Find-a-Doctor online provider directory.

If you would like to view our Provider Network Directory as a PDF*, they are available by clicking on the directories listed below.

Health Tradition for Employers

Health Tradition East

Health Tradition West 65Plus

Health Tradition East 65Plus

Health Tradition Community

*Please note, these PDFs are updated annually at the first of the year. For the most current information use the Find-a-Doctor search tool.

How can I tell what my plan type is?

If you are unsure of your plan type you can find this information on your current Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) document or access the Maddy portal.

What can I do to avoid non-covered services and providers?

You are strongly encouraged to verify the status of the providers via our Find-a-Doctor tool or your Maddy Portal Account prior to receiving care. Certain providers involved in your care (e.g., the anesthesiologist, radiologist, pathologist, dentist or laboratory), may not be listed within the directory.

When scheduling appointments or elective procedures, you may contact us at 877.832.1823 to determine whether these providers are participating or nonparticipating. Such information may assist in your selection of provider(s) and will likely affect the level of copayment, deductible and amount of coinsurance applicable to the care you receive.

The information contained in the online provider directory may change during your plan year. Please check the status of your providers on a regular basis.

What should I do if my service wasn't covered?

Please contact Customer Service. Our Representatives will help research and explain your charges. When necessary, the Customer Service Representative may offer to contact the provider on your behalf to assist with claim resolution.

How do I find a cost-effective and accessible alternative to urgent care?

Doctors, therapists and psychiatrists are just a click away with Maddy Virtual Care, our virtual visits service. Copays are as low as $0 depending on your plan. This can also help you avoid out-of-network charges if you are outside your normal service area. Sign up for or schedule an appointment at

Does my Health Tradition health plan cover me when I'm traveling outside the United States?

Please refer to our Your Benefits When Outside the U.S. document. This document outlines coverage when traveling outside of the United States and how to be reimbursed for covered services received in a foreign country.