Health Tradition actively supports your health

If you’re eligible for BadgerCare

You may get in touch with an Enrollment Specialist if you need help in selecting a BadgerCare Plus HMO that meets your needs. Call toll-free at 1-800-291-2002. Plans are available to residents in these counties.

If you aren’t eligible for BadgerCare

If you are no longer eligible for BadgerCare, you can enroll in a Health Tradition plan through the Marketplace at Choose from the selection of health plans for individuals and families. Enrollment help is available. See below.

Get free help from a local insurance agency representing Health Tradition. You may also get in-person help directly from Health Tradition. Call toll free at 1-888-459-3020 (TTY available) with questions or for an appointment.

Discounts are available through the Marketplace at

Your income and family size may qualify you for two kinds of discounts for a Health Tradition plan you select in the Marketplace at or get through a Health Tradition agent.

The first type of discount is the Advance Premium Tax Credit (APTC). When you apply through the Marketplace, you will see if you qualify for the Advance Premium Tax Credit (APTC). You will also see if you qualify for the second type of discount, called reduced cost-sharing plans.

Health Tradition has reduced cost-sharing Silver plans

Reduced cost-sharing lowers your out-of-pocket cost such as doctor visit copays. Reduced cost-sharing plans are a special category of Silver plans that increase coverage from about 70% of typical expected medical costs (the standard Silver plan) to 73%, 87% or even 95% (exceeding even Platinum level plans).

To view plan information prior to applying, please see the Summaries of Benefits and Coverages and look for Silver reduced cost-sharing plans. Enrollment for cost-sharing plans is through the Marketplace. Enroll online yourself or ask an agent to assist.

Health Tradition is your access to a higher standard of care

Mayo Clinic Health System is one of many good reasons to choose Health Tradition. Rated among the top health care providers in the country, Mayo Clinic has long represented the best our health care system offers.

We’re local, too

Health insurance doesn’t have to be confusing and impersonal. Our team of friendly professionals, based in Onalaska, Wisconsin, is here to answer your questions, explain options and work with you to assure your peace of mind. We’re often recognized for our personal touch. The latest Wisconsin Department of Health Services report card gives Health Tradition an “A” in every category of care for its BadgerCare Plus members— the most “A” grades awarded to any plan.

Not everyone needs the same care. Shouldn’t your health plan be unique, too?

We’ve created a selection of health plan choices so you’ll find one that makes sense for you. No matter what your life situation, Health Tradition has a plan to protect your physical health and your financial health, too. Get the exact coverage you need.

The importance of staying well in the first place

People who take advantage of regular preventive care can prevent or identify many illnesses at the very earliest stages. In partnership with Mayo Clinic Health System, we’ve made preventive care easy. A long list of screenings, exams and immunizations are covered with no out-of-pocket cost or red tape.

Find out more from the State of Wisconsin

To learn more about Wisconsin’s programs to help those with disabilities or low income families afford health insurance, visit the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

Enroll through your county

You may apply at the county social or human services department or W-2 agency in your county. To view The Wisconsin BadgerCare Plus HMO Program Guide click on the links below or call the Member Advocate at 608-783-9507 or toll-free 1-800-545-8499.