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Group plan availability update

Health Tradition has decided to phase out its health plans over the next several years. This will be a gradual process, and you will have plenty of time to transition to new plan options which also offer Mayo Clinic care. In the meantime, Health Tradition is financially strong and will provide the same excellent access to Mayo Clinic Health System.

Small group changes for 2018

  • SHOP will not be available in 2018. A business currently using SHOP or with employees enrolled on the exchange may benefit from moving to a small group plan.
  • Available in Buffalo, Trempealeau, Jackson, La Crosse, Monroe, Juneau, Vernon, Sauk, Richland, Crawford and Grant counties. (Barron, Rusk, St. Croix, Pierce, Dunn, Chippewa, Eau Claire and Pepin counties are no longer in the service area.)

Large group plan changes

  • Plans with effective dates beginning April 1, 2018 will not be available. 
  • Your Health Tradition agent can present new options for 2019 coverage that provide access to the Mayo Clinic Health System provider network.
  • Available in Buffalo, Trempealeau, Jackson, La Crosse, Monroe, Juneau, Vernon, Sauk, Richland, Crawford and Grant counties. (Barron, Rusk, St. Croix, Pierce, Dunn, Chippewa, Eau Claire and Pepin counties are no longer in the service area.)

Please contact a Health Tradition agent for more information.


Mayo Clinic Health System quality care

Our affiliation with Mayo Clinic provider networks is the first of many good reasons to choose Health Tradition.

Members select a local in-network primary care provider (PCP), using a proven model for optimizing outcomes through continuity of care. PCPs are connected to an extraordinary network of specialists through medically indicated referrals to La Crosse and Eau Claire, Wisconsin and Rochester, Minnesota.

A partner who understands your priorities

Access to excellent care and cost effectiveness are both at the top of the list for most employers. We use these approaches to deliver on them.

  • Engage people in the decision-making process, making them more capable consumers
  • Streamline preventive care
  • Incentivize healthy behaviors and support lifestyle improvement
  • Motivate wellness participation with appealing programming
  • Support employees in managing chronic conditions

Customized plan design and management

Health Tradition offers a full spectrum of options from which we create a custom solution for each group.

All plans are administered by Mayo Clinic Health Solutions, our sister company and a leader in plan administration. We support our groups with comprehensive management, reporting, analysis, implementation tools, multipurse health care payment cards, real-time access to claims data, nondiscrimination testing and more. Health Tradition makes it easy to access timely reporting and documentation, and easy to reach us when a question arises.

Fully insured small group options

Employers with as few as one employee can enroll in a a small group plan. Our many plans include HMO and POS options and pharmacy benefit management, plus consumer-directed solutions that incorporate a health reimbursement account (HRA), health savings account (HSA) or flexible spending account (FSA).

Plan grid: Fully Insured Small Group
Brochure: 2018 Fully Insured Small Group brochure

Maintaining affordability

Our ongoing effort to bend the cost curve also includes:

Proactive preventive care Our preventive care mission to improve the well being of members also creates cost savings. We accomplish this by streamlining access and adopting the latest diagnostic advances such as Cologuard colorectal cancer screening.

Medical management Our team of specialists assures quality care and cost management through prior authorization, referral management, case management, concurrent review and discharge planning.

Condition management A voluntary program that helps members better manage their conditions. The program includes a 24-hour toll-free nurse line, evaluation, consultation and education.

RNs available 24/7 Instant access to reliable health information improves utilization by helping members take appropriate action.

Active formulary management The Health Tradition formulary is Mayo Clinic’s own, drawing on the latest research. It is updated throughout the year instead of once, responding to price and supply changes faster and adding newer, more effective drugs sooner. Mayo Clinic purchasing power also helps to keep costs lower.

Quality management All standards are developed to meet or exceed Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) benchmarks, National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) and URAC guidelines to communicate and maintain our high standards of care.

Consult with us to develop your group health benefit

HMO and POS plans are available from Health Tradition or a Health Tradition broker.