Family health insurance to live life assured

Health Tradition for Individuals and Families

Individual and family health plans will not be offered for 2018. You may find a plan on or you may qualify for a Health Tradition small group plan. Learn more

The assurance of knowing you’re protected, with affordable access to Mayo Clinic care

A higher standard of care

Choosing your family health insurance is all about care. With Health Tradition, your care team and your insurance company are both part of the Mayo Clinic family.

As a member, you have access to 4,500 primary and specialty care providers. Many of them are internationally recognized in their specialties. Mayo Clinic has more #1 rankings than any other provider and is recognized more often than any other academic medical center in the nation.

In partnership with Mayo Clinic Health System, we’ve made preventive care easy. Many preventive care and screening services are covered with no out-of-pocket cost. These include new diagnostic procedures such as the Cologuard® DNA test for colorectal cancer. You get exceptional wellness benefits, too.

The relationship that leads to better health

As a member, you will choose your own Primary Care Provider (PCP). This is the doctor who leads your care team, getting to know you, coordinating your care and referring you to specialists when necessary.

Personal help choosing a plan

The network of insurance agents who represent Health Tradition are a group of experts who help people select a plan, get them enrolled and apply for reduced cost if they qualify… all at no charge.

Quick, convenient enrollment

Our new enrollment site is the most convenient way to enroll if you do not qualify for any cost reduction. Compare, choose and enroll in minutes. If you qualify for cost reduction, you will see an alert. This feature helps ensure each member receives the lowest possible premium. Enroll now

Family-friendly coverage

All plans now begin paying when individuals meet their own deductibles, even though the family deductible hasn’t been met. This applies to maximum out-of-pocket expense, too. Some new plans include extra provider visits in addition to the annual exam that’s already covered.