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Ways to save

Reduce your health care costs

Health Tradition individual and family plans will not be offered in 2018

You may find a replacement plan on Healthcare.gov beginning November 1, 2017, or ask a Health Tradition agent in your community to recommend other plans with Mayo Clinic care. Group plans are also available for small businesses with 2–50 employees.

There are three ways to save on health insurance when you enroll in a new Health Tradition plan or renew your plan.

1. Combine a high-deductible plan (HDHP) with a Health Savings Account (HSA)

Health Tradition offers four qualified high-deductible health plans that allow you to set up a special savings account for certain health expenses. The money you put into the account is not taxed, so you get to use the full amount rather than what would be left after you paid income tax on it. This can save almost a third.

2. You may qualify for a lower premium

Save on health insurance with a lower monthly premium. Many people qualify for the Advance Premium Tax Credit (APTC).

3. You may qualify for a reduced cost-sharing silver plan

Reduced cost-sharing plans don’t lower the monthly premium. Instead, they lower your cost when care is received. For instance, you may have a smaller copay for each doctor visit. If you don’t qualify for a reduced cost-sharing, you may still be eligible for APTC.

How to receive cost reduction when you enroll

An insurance agent can enroll you

Your agent will get you enrolled and help you claim all the cost assistance for which you qualify, at no charge. Call an agent in your community who represents Health Tradition.

Or you can enroll directly at HealthCare.gov

If you don’t need help, you may go to the Health Insurance Marketplace at HealthCare.gov and enroll in a Health Tradition plan on your own.

* If you enroll directly through HealthCare.gov, the site may not identify your exact plan variation (94%, 85% or 73%) when you enroll. In order to download the correct Summary of Benefits and Coverage (detailed plan description) from this page, you may have to match up the benefits shown on Healthcare.gov to one of these Summaries. If you need assistance identifying which Summary is yours, please give us a call at 608-781-9692 or 888-459-3020.

How to save money when you start using your health plan

Be sure to schedule your routine annual exam with your primary care provider. This is included in every Health Tradition plan, along with recommended screenings and immunizations. For more ways to reduce your health care costs, see Health Insurance 101.