When can you enroll?

Health plan enrollment periods

Open enrollment for everyone:

  • November 1, 2017–January 31, 2018

All individuals and families can enroll during the annual fall open enrollment period.

Nov. 1, 2017
First day of open enrollment for 2017 plans with coverage starting as soon as Jan. 1, 2017.
Dec. 15, 2017
Last day to enroll in or change plans for new coverage that starts Jan. 1, 2017.
Jan. 1, 2018
2017 coverage starts for those who enroll or change plans by Dec. 15.
Jan. 15, 2018
Last day to enroll in or change plans for new coverage that starts Feb. 1, 2017
Jan. 31, 2018
2018 Open enrollment ends. Enrollments and changes between Jan. 16 and Jan. 31 take effect March 1, 2018.

If you’re making changes to Medicare coverage:

  • Oct. 15–Dec. 7, 2017

If you are on Medicare or eligible for Medicare, you may make changes to your Medicare Part A, B and D coverage during this annual open enrollment period. You may also apply for Health Tradition for 65Plus to supplement your Medicare Part A and Part B coverage. Learn more

Special enrollment:

  • Within 60 days of a qualifying event

Certain situations will qualify you for special enrollment outside of the annual fall enrollment period. Qualifying events include those that change your access to health care coverage. Some examples of qualifying coverage loss include

  • Lost coverage due to divorce
  • COBRA coverage expired
  • Turning 26 and aged off a parent’s health plan
  • Changes in household size such as getting married, having a baby, adopting
  • Moving outside your health plan’s coverage area

Wondering if you qualify to enroll now?
Call an agent representing Health Tradition
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Learn about special health plan enrollment at the Health Tradition direct enrollment website

Small businesses:

  • Anytime

There is no enrollment period for small businesses to enroll in a Health Tradition small group plan through SHOP. You can apply any time. Call an agent representing Health Tradition.


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