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Medicare Plans

Why Choose Health Tradition?

Health Tradition is an independent Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) that offers small group and large group employer health insurance plans as well as a Medicare Select plan. By focusing on the following key strategies, we strive to bend the cost curve to provide affordable, high-value care:


  • Proactive preventive care. Our mission is to improve member wellbeing, while also creating cost savings. That is why we streamline access to preventive care and adopt the latest diagnostic advances.
  • Medical management. Our team of specialists assures quality care and cost management through prior authorization, referral management, care management, concurrent review and discharge planning.
  • Condition management. A voluntary program that helps members better manage their conditions. The program includes assistance in evaluation, consultation and education.
  • Active formulary management*. Prescription drugs covered by your health plan are listed in the Health Tradition Formulary. These are drugs selected for their proven effectiveness, safety and reasonable cost.


*The formulary is actively managed by Health Tradition and MedImpact, our Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM), and is updated throughout the year to incorporate the latest research, respond to price changes and shortages faster - and add newer, more effective drugs sooner. Health Tradition reserves the right to change the formulary at any time.


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