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Health Tradition Wellness Program

Powered by Vitality

The Health Tradition Wellness Program powered by Vitality is an online wellness program designed to engage, encourage and reward you on your journey to better health.

No matter your current health status or physical fitness ability, our program will help you improve both your physical and mental wellbeing. Using the online Vitality app, you can sync your wearable device, log workouts at your local gym, take a personal health review and more!

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An Online App at your Fingertips

Whether you want to log a run and check in from your gym on Vitality’s mobile app or learn more about nutrition and complete an online course, Vitality is there to help you.

Rewards for your Hard Work

When you complete activities on Vitality, you will achieve Vitality points for each of your workouts, courses and other activities. These points transfer into Vitality Bucks—allowing you to “buy” rewards such as gift cards through the online Vitality mall. Not only will you be reaching your health goals, but you’ll also be rewarded along the way.

The Health Tradition Wellness Program Includes:

Vitality Age

  • This is where your wellness journey begins. Your Vitality Age compares your health risk related age to your actual age. This tool helps you understand where your wellness journey begins and where to go from there.

Integrated Wellness Network

  • The Vitality app syncs with 100+ wearable devices and thousands of gyms, making it quick and easy for you to track points and earn rewards.

Vitality Bucks

  • After you complete activities and reviews, you can use your Vitality Bucks to “buy” rewards of your choosing such as movie passes, charitable donations and gift cards.

How to Sign Up

Activate your membership

Complete the Vitality health review

  • The Vitality site will prompt you to complete your Vitality Health Review. Once the review is completed, your membership will be activated.


  • Call our Health Tradition Customer Service team.