Getting care

Health Tradition assurance, quality care close to home

Exceptional care starts by having a relationship with a primary care provider

Health Tradition’s benefits are built around the care you receive from your primary care provider (PCP). This is the doctor, physician assistant or nurse practitioner you choose to lead your care team.

A PCP provides care for:

  • Preventive care such as annual exams, immunizations, and recommended screenings
  • Illnesses
  • To help you manage your chronic conditions

With a PCP:

  • You’ll always know who to call when a health issue comes up
  • Your care is more effective, because someone knows you, your history and health challenges
  • You get in to be seen sooner, often the same day, because of your relationship with your provider
  • You’ll have someone looking out for your health who will identify health risks and help you avoid them, or who can coordinate your care with specialists when needed.

Need to find a new doctor, or look up your provider’s phone number? Use our Find A Doctor tool to search your provider.

Team medicine brings all the knowledge of the entire network to each member

Across Wisconsin, network primary care providers are supported by thousands of specialists who consult with them regularly. Many are the very top practitioners in their fields and recognized internationally.

Preventive care is 100% covered

You have access—at no charge—to the recommended preventive care for your age and gender including an annual physical exam, annual hearing exam and annual eye exam when received from an in network provider. See preventive care services.