Health Tradition’s Care Management

Remote Care Monitoring

The Care Management team at Health Tradition is available throughout your healthcare journey for support and to answer any questions you might have. They can help you manage your condition, find a provider, prepare for medical visits and more.

Health Tradition’s Care Management team of clinicians and care managers are there to get to you know you and your health needs. Your care manager will monitor your health remotely, and if you show worsening or emergency conditions, they will proactively reach out to you to with treatment options to help prevent escalations to hospital or urgent care.

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Health Tradition offers 4 different mobile outreach programs


High Blood Pressure
Mood Disorder
 Chronic Obstructive
Pulmonary Disease (COPD)


Remote Care Monitoring for 
Hypertension/High Blood Pressure

Relax Knowing You’re in Good Hands

Are you one of the 103 million U.S. adults currently at risk for heart attacks or strokes? Identifying your risks and learning ways to lower your blood pressure are important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The High Blood Pressure Care Management program provides you a simple way of tracking your blood pressure. The program combines the ease of automated mobile messages with a team of supportive staff to track your journey to improved blood pressure.

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Remote Care Monitoring for
Depression/Depressive Mood Disorder

We Are Here to Help

Depression is a common occurrence in daily life, with over 17 million adults in the US experiencing a depressive episode—and 1/3 of will not seek any treatment2. Depression Care Management was created to help remove any barriers or stigma from accessing treatment options.

Depression Care Management provides a judgement-free, confidential way to track your mood. The program combines automated mobile messages with a team of accessible and supportive Care Management staff to monitor and support your journey to improved mental health.

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Remote Care Monitoring for
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Take a Deep Breath

Since COPD affects breathing, people diagnosed with COPD find it difficult to enjoy even the simplest day-to-day activities. Identifying ways to battle COPD can be difficult and exhausting. COPD Care Management can provide a breath of relief.

COPD Care Management provides an easy way to track your breathing. Your care manager will proactively monitor your breathing, and if they observe any worsening patterns, they will reach out to help provide treatment options before your breathing becomes severe enough for you to be hospitalized.

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Remote Care Monitoring for
Post-Hospitalization Discharge

Path to Healing

The days after discharge from the hospital are critical, with over 1/3 of those returning home experiencing complications. 4 It is important to have a team of experts on your side to answer questions and guide you on your path to recovery after you are discharged from the hospital. That is why Health Tradition offers the Post-Hospitalization Discharge Care Management program.

The Post-Hospitalization Discharge Care Management program provides an easy way to track your progress after you have been discharged from the hospital. The program combines mobile messages with a team of accessible and supportive Care Management staff to track your health and progress.

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Contact Us

After successfully enrolling in our care management program, your care manager is your dedicated contact; however, the Care Management team is also ready to support you. If you need help or one-on-one assistance, you can reach out to the Care Management team by calling 877.832.1823 or by sending a secure message through our member portal, Maddy (


Remote Care Monitoring FAQs and Program Details

After you have created a care plan with our Care Management team, you will be able to set up your preferred communication method and the number of times you will be contacted. Members can receive messages weekly or twice a week.
You can change your communication plan (frequency, timing, calls versus text) by contact your Health Tradition care manager. You can also stop all communication at anytime by texting “STOP” on your mobile phone or calling “*” (star) on your mobile phone or landline.
After you are enrolled into our care management program, you can work with your care manager on setting up a schedule to receive your communication, and you can set up your communication preference. Your level of engagement can be discussed with your care manager after your care plan has been established.


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