Health Tradition Virtual Visits

Urgent Care and Online Therapy

Healthcare On Your Terms

Do you wish healthcare could be as convenient as Amazon Prime? Or as easy as Netflix? Now it can be. With Health Tradition’s Virtual Visits service, healthcare is delivered to you, on your terms.

Use virtual visits to have a video visit with a doctor, nurse or therapist on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Providers can treat, diagnose and even prescribe—helping you feel better faster. You’ll get quality care from wherever you are, for a more affordable price than in-person visits.

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Virtual Providers Can Help You With…

Urgent Care Issues

·       Bronchitis & Sinusitis

·       Cold & Flu

·       Ear Infections

·       Hypertension

·       Pink Eye

·       Rashes

·       Seasonal Allergies

·       Stomach Flu

·       Strep Throat

·       Urinary Tract Infections

Online Therapy

·       Anxiety

·       Attention Deficit Disorder

·       Depression

·       Eating Disorders

·       Panic Attacks






On-Demand Doctor Visits

You can see experienced doctors within minutes for your urgent care type issues. Doctors are available to treat conditions such as the flu or pink eye at any time—even on holidays and weekends.

Visits are:

  • 15-minute, video-based appointments on your smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Available 24/7/365
  • Affordable, with copays as low as $0
  • An alternative to your doctor’s office or urgent care clinic

Online Therapy

Connect with Psychologist or Therapist 

Online therapy allows you to see a psychologist or therapist all from the privacy of your own home. Typically visits can be scheduled within one week, or as little as 24 hours—getting you the care you need when you need it.

Scheduled therapy visits are:

  • 45-minute, video-based appointments on your smartphone, tablet or computer
  • With licensed and specially trained therapists or psychologists
  • Available seven days a week, from 7am to 11pm
  • Affordable, with copays as low as $0
  • An alternative to in-person behavioral health visits

How To Get Started

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