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Maddy Member Portal Transition

Maddy Member Portal is Now Disabled

Health Tradition will exit the health insurance market on December 31, 2022. You can view the press release regarding our exit from the market HERE and an FAQs document HERE.

  • Also, the Maddy Portal was disabled on July 31, 2022. You no longer have access to the Maddy Member Portal.

This transition page helps you find the information and resources needed now that the Maddy Portal is disabled. 

PLEASE NOTE: This change DOES NOT impact Maddy Virtual Care. Your access to urgent medical And behavioral healthcare via smart phone, tablet or computer via Maddy Virtual Care remains available to members.  


Information / Resources 

  • Replacement ID Cards. You can request a replacement ID card by filling out our online ID request form.  
  • Find-a-Doctor Online Provider Directory. The online provider directory is still available to members at Find a Doctor.
  • Enrollment Changes. If you have enrollment changes, please reach out to your employer’s benefits specialist.
  • Benefits. Reach out to your employer’s benefits specialist or contact our Customer Service Team.
  • Claims/Deductibles. To learn of your claims and deductible status, please contact our Customer Service Team:
  • Pharmacy Information By MedImpact. You can continue to review your prescription drug information by directly logging in to the MedImpact Portal.

    • If you have trouble logging in, call MedImpact at 888.807.8106. This contact information is also located on the back of your Health Tradition Member ID card.
  • Hospital Stay Notifications. The Maddy Portal hospital stay notification form will be disabled. Please ensure your provider notifies Health Tradition if you have an in-patient hospital stay.  


Customer Service Hours 

Our Customer Service Team is available from 8:00 a.m.– 4:30 p.m.