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New Member Information


We’re happy you chose Health Tradition!

We try to make things as easy as we can. Please take some time to go through this website and learn about health insurance basics, how your plan works and what your wellness benefits include.

Health Tradition Checklist

Use the new member checklist below to help you with your Health Tradition plan basics.

Open your new Member Booklet

You will receive a new Member Booklet in the mail. Before you file it away, take a look at what’s inside. You will find information on specific benefits available to you as well as programs you can start using right away.

Health Tradition Health Plan Member Booklet

Health Tradition CarePlus Member Booklet


 Review common terms and acronyms

Health insurance can be complicated. Review the common terms and acronyms found in your Health Tradition health plan so it is easier to understand important information.

Terms and Acronyms


Your ID Card

For your protection, Health Tradition has assigned each eligible member of your family with a unique member ID number. These numbers are located on the front of your member ID card, immediately to the right of the eligible member’s name.

NOTE: You and any eligible dependents must provide your membership card to providers and pharmacies for claim filing.

Need an additional ID card?

To request additional copies for students or other covered dependents in your family, or if you need a replacement copy should your card be lost or stolen, please contact Customer Service and a card(s) will be sent to you.

Know your health information sharing limits

Your health information is extremely important to us and we will not disclose your health information without receiving your authorization. If you would like to authorize certain individuals to receive or share your health information, please complete the following documents depending on your choice:

Authorization to Share Health Information with a Third Party

Designation of Insurance Representative

End Authorization to Share Health Information


Select your Primary Care Provider (PCP)

Your PCP is the one person within your provider network who will get to know you best. While not required, selecting a PCP allows you to receive the most personal, high-quality healthcare journey possible. You can also preview providers in your area using our online Find-a-Doctor tool.