The Health Tradition Formulary

Prescription drugs covered by your plan

Prescription drugs covered by your health plan are listed in the Health Tradition Formulary. These are drugs selected for their proven effectiveness, safety and reasonable cost. The formulary is actively managed by Health Tradition and MedImpact, and is updated throughout the year to incorporate the latest research, respond to price changes and shortages faster and add newer, more effective drugs sooner. Health Tradition reserves the right to change the formulary at any time.

See the Health Tradition Formulary

These exclusions are in addition to those listed on the Complete Formulary above

Additional drugs may be covered

Health Tradition has an open formulary, which allows non-formulary drugs to be covered. If a drug is not on the formulary or isn’t covered under your plan, you may be responsible for the larger non-formulary copayment or the entire cost of the medication, depending on your plan. Please review your Summary of Benefits and Coverage or call Customer Service.

Certain medications require prior authorization

Medications requiring prior authorization are highlighted in the Health Tradition Formulary. You may also call Customer Service at 877-832-1823 to ask if a medication requires prior authorization. Practitioners are responsible for submitting prior authorizations.