Wellness at Work grand prize winner announced

And the winner is…


Congratulations to Tomah Area Credit Union (TACU), our 2016 winner! TACU will choose from among 16 employee health programs and services from Mayo Clinic Health System business health services, a value of $2,500 or more. The entry was drawn from all participating companies who implemented at least three Wellness at Work health challenges during 2016.

Grand Prize wellness options

The winner selects from EAP, Occupational Health and Wellness programs and services. Employee health services are available for any size organization.

The values shown below are for groups of up to 25 employees.

Employee Assistance Center EAP services

EAP professional counseling services
Confidential counseling support to assist with personal and work-related problems
» Experienced counselors available to all employees for one year, valued at $500 (up to 25 employees)

EAP mediation services
A credentialed conflict resolution professional helps parties resolve issues by reorienting them to shared interests. Mediation focuses on creating mutual understanding that leads to a voluntary agreement.
» Up to three two-hour sessions, valued at $1,000

EAP video training program
Everything employees—and leadership—need to know about their EAP, plus supervisor training on identifying, communicating with and referring employees for EAP counseling
» National award-winning orientation and supervisor training on DVD, valued at $300 

Retirement preparation presentation
EAP counselors explain the process of achieving peace of mind through transition planning
» On-site presentation to the employee group, valued at $250

Occupational Health services

On-site flu shot clinic
A convenient way to minimize disruption and lost productivity caused by the spread of flu through the workplace
» The clinic is conducted by physician assistants and registered nurses, valued at $41 per person

Ergonomic workplace assessment
Professional consultation by one of only nine ergonomists in the state of Wisconsin
» Onsite assessment, review of claims history and specific recommendations for injury avoidance and reduced cost, valued at $200 per hour

Biometric screening
An aggregate snapshot of your company’s health risks as a baseline for wellness initiatives, incentives and health benefit strategy decisions. Guides individual employees to make positive lifestyle changes.
» Includes cholesterol components, blood sugar, body composition (BMI) and blood pressure, valued at $45 per person

Wellness services

Advance directive education
Participants learn how and why to make future health care decisions now, reducing stress and indecision
» On-site group presentation by a health education professional, with reference materials, valued at $250

Gratitude workshop
Research supports that cultivating gratitude can have profound effects on well-being
» A two-hour, on-site interactive session by a health education professional specializing in wellness, valued at $500

Physical activity challenge (12 weeks)
A custom group challenge to meet your selected wellness objective
» Consultation, challenge development, promotion materials, online tracking, outcomes reporting, valued at $1,500

Health Promotion webinars
Webinars on popular health topics such as sleep, stress and resiliency, nutrition and lifestyle
» Prerecorded, available online for group or individual employee viewing, valued at $250

On-site wellness presentations
Choose from popular topics relevant to your employee group’s interests and health goals
» A one-hour on-site group presentation that can be offered as a Lunch and Learn, valued at $250

Health Savvy workshop
With the award-winning video on identifying symptoms, when and how to manage illness or injury at home
» On-site interactive workshop including the book “Mayo Clinic Guide to Self-Care” for each participant, valued at $500

Wealth Savvy workshop
With the award-winning video on navigating the health system and spending health care dollars more wisely
» On-site interactive workshop with tips and cost-conscious health decision guidance, valued at $500

Health and Wellness Coaching
Support to help individuals meet personal wellness goals or address a serious health risk
» One-on-one sessions with a professional wellness coach to enable lifestyle change, valued at $150 per hour

Team-building dragon boat adventure
A team-building event that enhances cooperation and camaraderie (offered in La Crosse only)
» A customized, half-day event led by a seasoned dragon boat instructor and wellness coach, valued at $2,500

* Costs will vary with number of employees. Values shown are based on a 25-employee group. Some travel costs may apply if the service location is more than 30 minutes from La Crosse.



Learn more about individual or integrated wellness services at healthservicesforyourbusiness.com.